How to Sell your Trucks

Selling your truck? Champion Car Removal offers the following information on how to get a quick sale for your truck – one that pays top cash.


Truck owners have different options to sell their trucks:

  • Third-party buyers
  • Dealer trade-ins
  • Cash for car/truck companies

Each is an option, but only one is an option that provides a fair value for vehicles and a no-cost sale. That option is selling to a cash for truck dealer.

Sell Your Truck

Selling Your Truck to A Truck Removal Company

When selling your truck, it is important that you choose the right buyer to avoid getting scammed. There are many cash for car/truck companies in Perth, but not all of them are reliable. One good way to tell if a company is trustworthy or not is by checking out their website. Do they have proper website that provides all the relevant information? What about customer reviews/feedback? Look at these factors to determine whether a business is legit.

Choosing the Right Cash for Truck Buyer

As mentioned, the reputability of the removal company is essential. Check to ensure the company is licensed and insured. Most often, you will not find this information on the company web pages and contacting the provider will be necessary. Check the services the company provides to ensure you have the needed services for your truck’s condition. All services should be reliable and provided at no cost to sellers.

Selling Your Truck to A Reliable Truck Removal Company

Do not go with a company that you have not researched. Research companies on the net. Type the providers’ name in your browser and search the results for reviews and feedback from previous customers. Thoroughly read all web pages of providers that interest you for the sale of your truck.

Obtain quotes online or over the phone to narrow your search. Providing a thorough description of your vehicle is necessary.

Include all factors:

  • The driving condition of the truck
  • The engine condition
  • The condition of the tyres and rims
  • The condition of the body of the truck
  • The vehicle odometer reading
  • The vehicle VIN

Once quotes are obtained, consider the reputability of the company, the price offered for the vehicle, and the services provided before deciding to sell the truck to the provider.


For quotes that are accepted, the truck removal company will schedule a free truck removal in their local area. Companies like Champion Car Removal work around the schedules of our customers to provide convenient removals. All paperwork and a cash payment need to be provided by the provider at the time of the removal.

How the Process to Sell Trucks to Champion Car Removal Works

Champion Car Removal offers a convenient way to sell trucks, handling all the costs and hassles associated with the sale.

  • Truck owners that want to sell their trucks can contact us via telephone or online. Complete descriptions of vehicles are necessary for us to provide an accurate quote.
  • Take us up on our offer or reject it. All quotes are non-obligational, so there is no pressure to accept.
  • Schedule a free truck removal Perth. Your truck collection is the time that the paperwork and cash will be exchanged for your truck. All removals are at times that work with our customers’ schedules.


There’s no easier way to sell your truck then to Champion Car Removal. We provide free truck valuations over the phone and online. For a quote over the phone, contact Champion at the number below. To obtain an online quote, complete our online quote form. With Champion Car Removal, your truck is sold for cash.

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