Unwanted Trucks

As truck specialists, Champion Car Removal is the cash for truck buyer for all makes & conditions of unwanted trucks. We buy trucks that may need a little work or aren’t worth the cost of repair. We also buy those in perfect condition, as well as those in scrap condition. We are truck specialists that valuate trucks accurately regardless of their make and condition. We offer a champion way to sell unwanted trucks. Just give us a call for the most comfortable truck selling experience you’ve had.

  • No repairing trucks – We buy unwanted trucks in as they sit.
  • No advertising trucks – We’re the buyer that buys trucks with just a call.
  • No meeting with potential buyers – You have your buyer with your first call.

There are no hassles in getting your unwanted truck removed. We’ll buy it today.

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Unwanted Truck


Champion Car Removal offers cash for unwanted trucks. We know that the reason many truck owners no longer have a use for their vehicles is that they are in poor shape. Perhaps, the truck is in a nonworking condition? Perhaps, it has deteriorated until there is no value? Or, perhaps, you want a quick and convenient cash sale for the vehicle. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle, we are a cash truck buyer that wants to purchase your unwanted truck for cash today. We pay top cash for trucks the easy way. Contact us for a quote over the phone or online and your truck is as good as sold!

Free Unwanted Truck Removals Perth

What a way to have the services you require. With Champion Car Removal, you get cash for your unwanted truck that is a fair value for the vehicle, and a free unwanted truck removal so that you don’t have the inconvenience of:

  • The costs of repairs
  • The costs of towing
  • Dealing with multiple buyers
  • We are the one buyer that offers it all:
  • We buy trucks of every make and condition
  • We buy trucks over the phone and online
  • We buy trucks paying instant cash
  • We remove trucks at no costs

When the vehicle is in scrap condition, we’ll remove it and recycle it for free; when it is in damaged condition, expect a removal & dismantling. When it runs like a champ expect the same Champion services. With Champion Car Removal you receive Champion services regardless of the make and condition of your vehicle.

We offer same day unwanted truck removals that pay cash! You have the conveniences of all our services with Champion Car Removal that is the specialist in truck buying.


We are the current trend for selling trucks because we are the best way to sell trucks. Get cash for unwanted trucks with Champion Car Removal.

  • Contact our appraiser for a cash for unwanted trucks quote. We’ll require the make, model, year, and condition.
  • Accept or reject our cash quote.
  • Schedule a free truck removal Perth.


To obtain a cash quote for your unwanted truck, please contact us at the number below. Online quotes can be obtained by completing our online enquiry form at the top right of this page. We pay top cash for any make and condition of the unwanted truck.

Call Champion Car Removal for cash quote and a Champion truck selling services. Call us at 0469 197 014

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