Champion Car Removal buys vehicles of every type, make, and condition. Our business is one that we established with the sole intention of providing car & truck sellers with services that allow them the courtesy of everything they require in a buyer, with just a call. We have succeeded in what we set out to do, and that is to provide car sellers with the best of services in the most convenient manner, when selling their vehicles.

Champion Car Removal is a cash for cars buyer in Perth with many years of experience in the auto industry. With our knowledge, our customers receive exceptional services from top notch professionals. Every person in our team has the expertise and experience to provide you with a premium car selling experience. Our services include eco-friendly services like free car & truck recycling that help to keep our beautiful city green.

About Us

We enjoy offering our customers with the courtesy of providing cash sales for all makes and conditions of vehicles, and services that are designed to ease the strain and eliminate the costs of selling cars and trucks. We provide our customers with instant quotes over the phone and online. We also schedule free car removals in our local area so they aren’t inconvenienced or overwhelmed with towing costs. We tow their vehicles for free.

Champion Car Removal is not in the business to take advantage of truck sellers. We are not a company that lowballs sellers, nor do we offer shabby services. We are a business that treats our customers with respect and do so by providing professional services that our customers rely on each day when selling cars & trucks.

Champion Car Removal services include car dismantling and recycling. With dismantling and recycling vehicles we can offer more cash for vehicles in old, scrap, and damaged condition than the average wrecker in Perth.

With years of experience in the auto industry, we have become the leading cash for car & truck buyer in Perth.

Our Process to Purchase Vehicles

Our process is simple, designed to make it easy for you to sell your car, truck, van, Ute, 4WD or other vehicles. For a Champion sale that is cost-free, with all the hassles eliminated:

  • Contact our appraisers over the phone or online. Our appraiser will require the details of your vehicle to provide a cash offer for the car or truck. Offers are provided with no obligation for sellers to accept them.
  • Sellers that like our offers can take us up on the offer. Sellers that don’t, can pass it up.
  • If you choose to accept our offer, then the next step is to schedule a free car removal Perth. We include the paperwork to purchase vehicles and a cash payment at the time of the removal.

Champion Car Removal is the fast way to sell vehicles for cash.

Get in Touch with Us

To obtain a cash offer for your vehicle for sale, give us a call at the number below, or complete our online quote form at the top right of this page.

Call Champion Car Removal at 0469 197 014.

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